Omakase by Tony Huynh

Frequently Asked Questions

An at Home Omakase experience brings the essence of a traditional Japanese culinary journey to your dining table. My tasting menu is carefully curated for you, you surrender control and indulge in a multi-course meal featuring the finest and freshest ingredients. Each dish is beautifully presented, allowing you to savor a symphony of flavors, textures, and aromas, all within the comfort and intimacy of your own home.

Chutoro Tartare topped with Santa Barbara Uni, soy marinated Ikura and Caviar
What is Omakase?

An omakase experience is a culinary journey that originates from Japanese tradition and translates to “I’ll leave it up to you” or “chef’s choice.” It is an exquisite dining adventure where the chef curates a multi-course meal based on the freshest and finest ingredients available that day.

Omakase means “I leave it to you” or “chef’s choice”. You are entrusting me to serve you a multi-course meal based on the freshest and finest ingredients available. My at Home Omakase brings the fine dining experience to your home. You can enjoy an Omakase dinner at the comfort of your home and not worry about preparing any meals for your guests or worry about cleaning up. I also offer Corporate events to entertain your clients and employees.

How does it work?

As the meal begins, each dish is presented with meticulous attention to detail. The chef might describe the ingredients and the techniques used in their preparation, creating a connection between the culinary artistry and the diners. The menu usually progresses from lighter flavors and consistencies to richer ones.

I will come before the dinner starts to set up and prep. I will prepare and serve the party each course one at a time. I will describe the ingredients and techniques used to prepare the course.

How long is an Omakase dinner?

Omakase dining offers an immersive experience that highlights the delicate art of Japanese cuisine. The meal typically unfolds at a leisurely pace, affording guests ample time to relish each morsel. Moreover, the chef occasionally prepares dishes in the presence of diners, lending an interactive and theatrical flair to the dining experience.

The dinner could take 2-3 hours, depending on the party size.

Can I request specific dishes or ingredients during an Omakase meal?

Traditional Omakase involves trusting the chef’s choice entirely. However, some chefs might accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies if informed in advance. It’s polite to let the chef guide the experience, but you can communicate your preferences within reason.

Every group is different and unique. I typically ask my parties if there are any ingredients they like or dislikes. I will curate an unforgettable tasting menu your party will love and find difficult to decide which course is their favorite.

Do you provide glassware or tableware?

I will bring plate ware, napkins, chopsticks and spoons but will not be bringing any glassware.

Can I set up the table?

Absolutely. I will bring and set up the plate ware, chopsticks and spoons. You can decorate the rest of the table however you like. I will also be bringing napkins but we can use yours instead.

Are drinks included in the price?

Drinks are not included but I can provide some recommendations.

What is the min/max party size?

Min party size for Private Omakase event is 4 people and max is 14. Please email me if you are interested in a party smaller than 4 or greater than 14. I am able to cater up to 30 people, sushi spread style.

Is there a deposit required?

Yes, a deposit is required to secure your reservation. The deposit amount will vary depending on the party size, starting at $100.

What is the cancellation policy?

The deposit to secure your reservation will be non-refundable in the event of a cancellation within (7) days of the reserved date.